COT Indicators

The COT Indicator Suite for MetaTrader contains five indicators for displaying COT data onto your MetaTrader charts. There are three sets of indicators for each of the three report types (legacy, disaggregated and TiFF). The data is plotted onto the weekly timeframe.

COT Totals


The COT Totals indicator displays the raw position data from the COT report. The total long, total short and total spreading (simultaneous long and short positions, where applicable) positions are displayed by the indicator, as well as a line showing the net long/short positions.

The position totals can be used as a discretionary tool to determine the proportion of long vs. short positions and the change over time.

COT Graph


The COT Graph indicator displays the net long/short position for multiple trader classifications. At a glance, you can compare the bias of commercial vs. non-commercial traders in the market.

By taking into account the positions held by various classifications of traders, you can confirm long-term market movements.

COT Open Interest


The COT Open Interest indicator displays the open interest for a particular instrument. An increase in open interest can indicate momentum in that market.

COT Index


The COT Index indicator is based on a popular formula taught by Larry Williams and Steve Briese in their Commitment Of Traders books. A reading of 100 indicates a new high for the indicator period, while a reading of 0 indicators a new low.

The COT Index is useful for locating price extremes, and can be used to indicate possible reversals.

COT Pair Index


The COT Pair Index is an indicator that is exclusive to the COT Indicator Suite. It takes the net long/short positions of two currency instruments and attempts to track the combined movement of both instruments.

Readings above 70 or below 30 indicate price extremes that signal an extended trend or a potential reversal. We believe that the COT Pair Index can track the long-term movements of a currency pair in a way that is easy to interpret at a glance.