14 Day Free Trial

The COT Indicator Suite 2.0 is available for a 14 day trial. Download the COT Update 2 program below, as well as the relevant indicators for your version of MetaTrader. The COT Update Suite version 1.1 is not available as a free trial.


Please read the installation instructions before installing.

COT Update 2

This is the COT data updater program for the COT Indicator Suite 2.0. Install this first:

COT Update 2 Download – 2.1.0


The indicators are packaged in a separate installer. Install the indicators to the data folder of each MetaTrader installation that you wish to use.

COT Indicators for MetaTrader 4 Download – 2.1.0

Previous Versions

The installer for version 1.1 of the COT Indicator Suite contains both the COT Update program and the MetaTrader 4 COT indicators. You will need a valid serial number to install this version.

COT Indicator Suite for MetaTrader 4 Download – 1.1