The Reports

There are several variations of the COT report broken down in to different categories. The Legacy report type is the oldest and most commonly used, but there are others you may want to know about.

The Indicators

The COT Indicator Suite for MetaTrader contains five different indicators for displaying COT data directly on your MetaTrader charts.

The Updater Application

COT Updater is a Windows app that fetches the most recent COT data directly from the CTFC website, making it available directly on your MetaTrader charts.

About the Commitment of Traders Report

The Commitment of Traders Report (COT for short) is a weekly report complied by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). It shows the total long and short positions held by various categories of large traders, including speculators, banks, producers, manufactures and more.

Traders have long used the COT report as a tool to determine the positions that the big and important players are taking in the market. If you trade on a longer timeframe, ideally several weeks or more, then you would likely benefit from having COT information at your disposal. We provide the software and indicators to have this valuable information displayed directly on your MetaTrader charts, allowing you to line up real world positioning with your analysis.

The data is compiled by the CFTC every Tuesday, and the report is released after market close on Friday. Our Updater App automatically imports the data over the weekend in to your MetaTrader terminal ready for use at the market open on Sunday.

COT Legacy Report

The COT Indicators

The COT Indicator Suite for MetaTrader contains five indicators for displaying COT data directly onto your MetaTrader charts. This is REAL data which can be broken down to extract valuable insights as to how the large players are positioned, unlike tick volume from your broker which contains no information and is virtually useless.

Metatrader 4 COT Indicators

COT Updater App

The COT Updater App is a Windows desktop application that fetches the most recent Commitment of Traders data from the CTFC website and makes that data available on your MetaTrader charts. You can track ANY instrument from the COT report in MetaTrader, including currencies, financials, metals and commodities. COT Updater can be set to run automatically every weekend, ensuring that your COT data is always up-to-date when you load your MetaTrader Terminal on the Sunday open.


  • Easily add any instrument from the COT report.
  • Supports Legacy, Traders in Financial Futures, and Disaggregated reports.
  • Legacy data from 2000 – present, or Disaggregated/TiFF data from 2006 – present.
  • Copy data to multiple MetaTrader installations or folder locations.
  • Runs automatically every weekend to fetch the latest data.
  • New version notifications on program startup.
  • No data subscriptions or recurring fees.
  • One time purchase to access all historical and future COT data.
COT Updater Settings

COT Indicator Suite Free Trial

Download the COT Indicator Suite and you will automatically receive a 14 day free trial. All features are fully functional for the 14 day period so you can evaluate the software.