Step 1

Install The COT Updater App

Download and install the COT Updater App if you haven’t already. Simply use the installer’s default settingsn, there is no need to change the installation folder.

Step 2

Locate Your MetaTrader Data Folder

Locate your MetaTrader data folder. To do this, open MetaTrader and select File menu – Open Data Folder:

This will open your MetaTrader data folder in Windows File Explorer:

Copy the file path to your clipboard:

Step 3

Install The COT Indicators

Download the COT Indicators installer if you haven’t already:

Run the downloaded installer and paste the file path to the MetaTrader data folder that you located above:

Select the top-level folder that contains just the \MQL4 or \MQL5 folder as shown above, and the installer will find the \Indicators folder automatically.

Do not attempt to install directly to the \MQL4\Indicators or \MQL5\Indicators folder, this will result in an error

ZIP File Indicators

Alternately, you can download the COT Indicators ZIP file for your MT4 or MT5 platform below, and unzip the contents directly to your /Indicators folder, restart your terminal once un-zipped for the changes to take effect. Use this method if you’re having trouble using the EXE installer above:

MT5 indicators in development, coming soon

Step 4

Setup COT Updater App

Open the COT Updater program. You will be prompted to enter your serial number or start a 14-day trial. The setup wizard will appear. You can use the default values provided by the wizard if you’re not sure.

After the setup wizard is finished, the COT data will be downloaded automatically. Your indicators are now functional!


Check the included documentation

If you have any questions about the configuration or usage of the COT Indicator Suite, please read the documentation. You can open the documentation from COT Update by selecting Help in the menu > Documentation. You can also find the documentation in your Windows Start menu under the COT Update 2 folder.