14 Day Free Trial

The COT Indicator Suite is available for a 14 day free trial. Please follow the Installation Instructions below to download the COT Updater App and the Indicators for your MetaTrader platform. You will automatically be able to enroll in the 14 day free trial before purchasing.

Installation Instructions

Please follow the installation instructions to install the Updater App and Indicators.

Updater App

This is the COT data updater program which downloads the COT data onto your PC for use by the Indicators. You will require a licence key if your 14 day trial has expired, see our Purchase page to buy one.

MetaTrader Indicators

The COT indicators for MetaTrader are packaged in a separate installer. Install the indicators to the data folder of each MetaTrader installation that you wish to use using the EXE installer, or manually with the ZIP file.


If you’re having trouble with the installer above, you can use the ZIP file containing the indicators: