COT Indicator Suite Downloads

To install and use the COT indicator suite on MT4, download both of the installers below and follow the documentation PDF and adding instrument walktrhough further down this page.

Updater App Installer

The COT Updater App downloads the COT data directly from the CFTC website onto your PC, for use by our COT Indicators on your MetaTrader 4 charts.

MT4 Indicators Installer

The COT indicators are packaged together in an easy to use installer that will add the indicators. See the “How to Locate the MetaTrader Data Folder” section of the documentation to locate the correct install destination location.


Adding Instruments Walkthrough

We often get asked how to add other instruments (we only include a few by default so it’s not bloated), so we put together this detailed walkthrough. The beauty with our COT Updater app is you can add any instrument published in the COT reports, this allows you to download only the data you want to use. We only add some instruments by default in the COT Updater app which you can delete if you don’t need, or easily add to. Here is how to add a new instrument from start to finish, we’ll add EURO FX in this example.

  1. Select the Options menu, then Instruments.

    Instruments Options

  2. Click the Add button.


  3. To get the instrument name go to the CFTC COT reports page, decide which report type you want to use (Legacy, TiFF or Disaggregated) and the data you want (Futures Only or Futures and Options Combined). Click the Short Format report link in the table of the exchange and locate the instrument you want to add. In this example, we will get legacy report for futures only for EURO FX (which is on the Chicago Mercentile Exchange).

    Historical Viewable _ CFTC

  4. Search for the instrument you want, in this case EURO FX, copy the whole instrument name (EURO FX – CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE).

    CFTC Commitments of Traders Report - CME (Futures Only)

  5. Paste the Instrument Name, set the Short Name (this is what you enter into the COT Indicators on MetaTrader), select the same Report Format you selected in step 3. Click Ok and the instrument is added. Repeat this as many times as needed to add all the instruments you want to use across all the different exchanges.

    Add Instrument

  6. To download the data for newly added instruments, select All Years in the dropdown menu, tick Force update, click update. The updater will now pull all data for the instruments you have added. The data is now avilable for the indicators to use on your MetaTrader platform by using the Short Name.

    Period Selection