The COT Updater is a Windows desktop application that fetches the most recent Commitment of Traders data from the CTFC website and makes that data available on your MetaTrader charts. You can track ANY instrument from the COT report in MetaTrader, including currencies, financials, metals and commodities. COT Updater can be set to run automatically every weekend, ensuring that your COT data is always up-to-date when you load your MetaTrader Terminal on the Sunday open.


  • Easily add any instrument from the COT report.
  • Supports Legacy, Traders in Financial Futures, and Disaggregated reports.
  • Legacy data from 2000 – present, or Disaggregated/TiFF data from 2006 – present.
  • Assign easy to use short names for each instrument.
  • Copy data to multiple MetaTrader installations or folder locations.
  • Runs automatically every weekend to fetch the latest data.
  • New version notifications on program startup.
  • No data subscriptions or recurring fees.

System Requirements

COT Updater runs on Windows 7 and higher. Windows XP, Vista and emulated versions of Windows as well as MAC & Linux are NOT supported.

Interface Screenshots

Download our Updater App

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